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The Green Concept

Doing our part in preserving our Forests
• Our Mission to preserve today’s Forest
• 100% recyclable which helps in reusability as well as renewable materials
• Food grade resin & bio-fibers
• Reducing of climate changes & Global warming

AATOMO Buyback
Trade In - Program (ABTI)

• A ZERO adverse impact tou our Environment.
• 100% recyclable Guarantee.
• A product with an Economical Savings with our ABTI scheme.
• End Result saving more forests.

• Suitable for High-rise, Commercial building,
  infrastructure, residential & others application.
• Durability & Economical.
• The Resistance to biological degradation.
• The Resistance to water and moisture.
• Reduction in high cost disposal fees.
• Reduced costs associated with
  re-fabrication costs.

  Panel an environmentally
  sound alternative
  replacement for plywood

Our Innovative Process
• Our Innovative State-of-the-Art
  manufacturing process.
• Innovation in labor reduction.
• Our own design & Grant of Product Pattern
  Right : MY-131528-A