1. The Aatomo Ceiling Suspension System shall be installers in accordance with the recommendations of ASTM C636 and the deflection of any component shall not exceed 1/360 of the span.
  2. Level the ceiling height with the use of a water lever and a length of string to square off.
  3. Wall angle should be mechanically fixed at every 450mm centers.Use screw, stud nails or drywall fasteners depending on the nature of the wall materials.
  4. The center-to-center distance for Main runners and Cross tees should be 600mm x 200mm for light duty or 600mm x 600mm for intermediate duty.
  5. Maximum distance between hangers is 1200mm. From wall to first hanger the maximum distance is 400mm.
  6. Main runners are spliced together by inserting a tap on section end into a slot in the adjoining section.
  7. Cross tees are inserted in the Main runners and locked in position by applying slight straight push-in-pressure.
  8. Adjust the profiles when completed to ensure they are evenly lever and squared.
  9. Hold Down clips are optional item and shall be provided upon request.


Installation Guide