1. AATOMO steel Ceiling Suspension System product are lad rated to international standard -ASTM C 635-07.
  2. The loading test was done at Sirim QAS and was classified as Light Duty .
    Please refer Sirim Test Report 2010CB6621.
  3. AATOMO Ceiling Tee result of the loading test performed on the ceiling system show allowable load of 6.12kg/mm
    Refer the Sirim test report 2010CB6621 Page 12 of 12)Table

For Minimum Load-Carrying Capabilities of Main Runner Member


Suspension System

Main Runner Member ib/Linear ft (kg/m)
Direct Hung Indirect Hung Furring Bar
Light-duty 5.0(7.4) 2.0(3.0) 4.5(6.7)
Intermediate-duty 12.0(17.9) 3.5(5.1) 6.5(9.7)
Heavy-duty 16.0(23.8) 8.0(11.9)